Feed Your Soul by Sending Care Packages to our Soldiers

Feed Your Soul by Sending Care Packages to our Soldiers

Soldiers have one of the hardest jobs in the world, and it is made even more difficult by having to be away from friends, family and the comforts of home. The conditions where they are stationed can be brutal, and resources are often quite low. A care package sent from home, even from a stranger, can make a world of difference in the life of a soldier overseas. We wanted to highlight some organizations that send care packages to soldiers, and what items are most needed or requested. This is an easy way to do some good in the world and help spread love and compassion.

What to include in your care package

It is often the simplest things that are most lacking in military bases around the world. We've compiled a list of what types of things to include in care packages, and what to avoid.

Personal Hygiene Products

 Items like razors, wet wipes, feminine hygiene products, body wash, lotion, face wash, shampoo and conditioner, mouth wash, deodorant, q-tips, toothpaste, socks, moisturizer, laundry pods, sunscreen and small grooming kits can be quite hard to come by. These items give soldiers the opportunity to feel fresh and clean in an often unfamiliar and hot climate. They provide some small comfort amidst close quarters and limited access to such simple daily necessities. It is always recommended to send products that are unscented whenever possible.

Candy and Snacks

While all food must, of course, be non-perishable, sending delightful little tastes from home can be a huge treat for a soldier missing their favorite candy. These items provide little bits of joy in an often challenging day. Items such as beef jerky, nuts (no peanuts), and dried fruit make great snacks for on the go soldiers. All types of candy or coffee are always appreciated. Another great item to include is Feed Your Soul Bakery's Crispy Chocolate Chunk Cookies. They are individually wrapped and represent all the comforts of home.

Entertainment or Decorations

While the days are often harrowing for our soldiers, the downtime can be challenging as well. Having entertainment and decorations to help the camp feel homier and fill the empty hours can be an enormous help. Sending magazines, movies or TV shows on USB drives, batteries, fun posters or calendars, or even just a $25 visa gift card so that the soldiers can purchase WiFi to contact family back home are all greatly appreciated.

Cards and Pictures

It is always encouraged to include a card or picture of you or the group sending the care package! Soldiers love these personal notes and it reminds them that people back home are thinking of them and appreciate the sacrifices they are making. We want them to know that real people are sending these packages.

Where to send the packages

If you don't have a personal connection to a soldier overseas, but still want to brighten someone's day, there are a number of organizations that will collect the care packages and deliver them to soldiers around the world. Here are a few organizations we wanted to highlight:

Support Our Troops

Choose to create your own care package and send it to the troops troops directly, or simply donate to the cause so the organization can send more items to soldiers in need

Any Soldier

Any Soldier allows you to actually search through a database and choose who to send your care package to. You can send items or just donate to the non-profit.

Operation Shoebox

This is a family run organization that takes donations, in order to send much needed items overseas. 100 percent of your donation goes towards the cost of the care package.

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