Feed Your Soul Cafe joins the #GivingTuesday movement

Feed Your Soul Cafe joins the #GivingTuesday movement

#GivingTuesday harnesses the collective power of individuals, communities, and organizations to encourage philanthropy and celebrate generosity worldwide.

Beginning November 1, 2017 Feed Your Soul Cafe will launch a toy drive at our 14 Wall Street location.

Donate a toy and, in exchange you will receive one of our signature cookies.

**all toys must be in their original packaging**

On November 28th,  Feed Your Soul Café will deliver the toys from its collection, to the Coalition for the Homeless, the oldest not-for- profit advocacy group focused on homelessness in the United States.

We will also be donating 1,000 cookies to the coalition in the hopes of making the holidays a little bit sweeter.

For more info on how our cookies are doing a little bit of good every day click here.



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