Baked Good Gifts For All Occasions

Whether you have an event, a holiday you are celebrating, or just want to remind someone that you are thinking of them, a gift can go a long way. But coming up with a gift idea can always be a bit difficult. What if someone hates a fruit basket? Or you’re not sure about someone’s size for a pajama set? Don’t stress! Here at Feed Your Soul, we have all of your gifting needs covered. A sweet treat is always a safe and tasty bet. After all, everyone loves cookies! Satisfy every sweet tooth with our wide array of gifting options that span the whole year long.

Sweet Wedding Celebrations

Ditch the old wedding centerpieces of the past! Say goodbye to flowers and candles, and hello to a delicious sweet mixture of cookies and bars. With a range of confections both sweet and savory, our Wedding Centerpiece Tin will have your guests chatting all night long about these tasty treats. Share your love with friends and family on your special day. You can even have all your guests leaving with a cookie or bar of their choice. 

Foodie Gifts For Birthdays

The crazy thing about birthdays is that they happen every year. Instead of stressing at the last minute to find the perfect item at a department store, get the foodies in your life a delectable treat from us. With a ton of different gifting options, such as the 24 PC Cookie and Brownie Box, this year’s birthday celebration can satisfy every sweet tooth. Not to mention, with our individually wrapped treats, everyone can go home with some, too. Or you can save them for another day. The options are endless! 

Sweet Treats To Send As A Thank You Gift

There is a lot to be thankful for this year. From family time to the good health and well-being of those around us, what is there to not be grateful for? Check out our sweet treat thank you gift options to send to those you are appreciative of and for. Who doesn’t love a little surprise present of cookies and bars to just say “thank you”? 

Cookies To Say “Thinking of You”

Even if you don’t have an explicit reason to say thank you to someone, you can always let them know you are thinking of them. Good thing we have a Thinking of You cookie and brownie box just for that! Show those who mean the most to you a little extra love and thoughtfulness. A cookie or brownie is the best way to go, especially with our wide array of flavors. From sweet to savory and everything in between, all of those you are thinking of will be satisfied. 

Get Well Soon Confections

With the cold weather comes the cold season. For the friends and family in your life that may be a little under the weather, send them some confections to say “get well soon.” We have the perfect gifting option just for it: The Sweet Six. This six-piece cookie box perfectly encapsulates just what someone who is not feeling their best needs: comfort cookies. You are sure to brighten up someone’s day and show them just how much you care. 

Give A Batch Of Joy This Holiday Season

While of course there are plenty of other occasions to send out a box of cookies to your friends and family, what better time to do it than during the holidays? As the days get colder and the nights get longer, get ahead on your holiday shopping and look into our holiday gifts to send to everyone on your list this year. Shopping for every age on your list can be difficult. But no one is too old for a savory and sweet cookie or bar! Give a batch of joy with us this holiday season.

Feed Your Soul For All Occasions

Make gift-giving at any time of the year a snap with Feed Your Soul! Between our different occasion options, varying sizes, and desire to bake with simple ingredients, you can rest assured that all of your needs are covered. We want to feed your soul and give back while doing so. Let us spread happiness together on any and all occasions. 

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