Feed Everyone On Your List

In a world that is finally reopening, and kids back at school, there are so many different celebrations, activities, and reasons to give someone Feed Your Soul products. Between birthdays, thank you gifts, and overall celebratory events, check out our gifting options to satisfy all of your gifting desires. Whether you want to send cookies, make your own ice cream sandwiches, bars, and even vegan options, we have you covered. 

At Feed Your Soul, we know just how important food is for the soul. There is nothing quite as soul-satisfying as a classic sweet treat of cookies or bars. Whether you want to send a small 6 pc box, a celebratory 60 pc box or even just a gift card, you can sit back and relax knowing that everyone will be delighted on both a large and small scale. 

While our Corporate Gift Guide is a must for any formal business event, we offer a wide array of everyday gifting options and even targeted related ones. With the holidays only a few short months away, you can pre-order (and save 20% before November 1st!) for any and all events. Your best friend is getting married? Do not stress! We carry plenty of wedding-related gifts. Check out our weddings section for specialized boxes, or even for your own wedding centerpieces. We even have a tower of treats for new parents and an adorable “smart cookie” onesie for a new baby -  it is a gift for the whole family! 

Make the World Sweeter With Easy Gifting

With every gift you send, you can rest assured that you will not only be making the day of the receiver but also of those in need. Our story is not the only one that is filling your house, office or loved ones with happiness (even though that is a big part). We also want to help those in need, and that is why we have partnered with Coalition for the Homeless since 2005. We want to “feed your hunger [and] feed your soul,” a mission we hold close. 

Last year alone we donated tens of thousands of cookies and meals to those in need, thanks to the support of our customers. Through our passion, gratitude, integrity, optimism, and persistence, we continue to use our platform to bring about happiness thanks to all of your support. Let us make your day sweeter, and the days of those in need, by purchasing your next gift through us. 

Made with Quality Ingredients

Homemade, quality, fresh, are just a few words that come to mind when thinking about our premium ingredients. Cookies are such a timeless treat that we want you to feel good eating. Instead of purchasing a treat made with high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, and a long list of difficult to pronounce ingredients, check out our ingredients list on each individually wrapped cookie. All of our products are even certified kosher OU dairy. Short, sweet, and to the point is what we want when it comes to our ingredients.

We want you to enjoy our treats without regret. With our simple ingredients mixed with some love for those in need, and topped off with no artificial flavors or colors we want to offer the best products we can. Even for those who are vegan, we offer vegan brownies. If you have any more nutrition-related questions head to our FAQ section where we deep dive into everything you want to know!

Desserts to Feed Your Soul

Now that you know practically everything about us, we should dive into the different sweet treat options we have for you here at Feed Your Soul. Our individually wrapped cookies are a hit, and definitely a must-try. From sweet, salty, to fruity, our wide range of flavor options are suitable to satisfy any and every tooth, whether they are sweet or not. 

Want to take a different approach and check out the bars we offer? Look no further! We have brownies, we have blondies, and plenty of dessert bars. These, too, are individually wrapped, and sure to please. 

Of course, you can always order in bulk, whether you would rather bars, cookies, or both is up to you! Even our crispy mini cookies are a must-try. Feed Your Soul is here to help you with all of your gifting needs, for every and all occasions. Do not stress, and leave the baking to us. Visit our website and let us feed your soul today!

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