Sweet Surprises: The Joy of Gifting and Its Impact on Personal Well-being" - A Feed Your Soul Reflection

There’s a certain magic in the act of giving, a joy that flows from the heart of the giver to the smile of the receiver. In this article, I want to take you on a journey through the delightful world of gifting – not just the exchange of presents, but the deep, fulfilling happiness it brings to our lives. My inspiration comes from Mya, the founder of Feed Your Soul, whose story resonates with many of us. She started her cookie delivery company fueled by her love for baking and the sheer joy she felt in gifting her creations to friends and family. Her story is a testament to the power of thoughtful giving, something I’ve experienced personally. As we delve into this exploration, I invite you to join me in a warm, personal reflection on the wonders of gifting and the unexpected ways it enriches our lives.

Psychological Benefits of Gifting

In my thirteen years as a Montessori teacher, I've observed firsthand the profound psychological benefits of gifting, both in giving and receiving. The act of giving, I've noticed, goes beyond mere transaction; it's a catalyst for increased happiness, a deeper sense of purpose, and stronger social connections.

Researchers like Dr. Elizabeth Dunn have their fancy studies showing that spending on others makes us happier than buying stuff for ourselves. But honestly, you don't need a PHD to see that. Just drop by a kids’ birthday party and watch the gift-giving frenzy. It's better than any happiness potion!

And it’s not just about feeling good in the moment. Giving gifts, even the simple ones like a crayon-drawn rainbow or a lopsided clay pot (or cookies ;) ), creates these invisible threads that tie us all together. It’s like building a spiderweb of friendships. Dr. Martin Seligman says that doing meaningful stuff like gifting adds sparkle to our lives. He’s right, of course. I’ve seen kids glow with pride when they share their snacks or crafts.

The Emotional Journey of Gifting

Gift-giving, in my experience, is an emotional adventure, a journey that starts way before the gift is even given. It begins with the thought, that spark when you decide to make someone's day a little brighter. As a teacher, I've seen this journey unfold countless times, each as unique and heartwarming as the last.

The process of selecting the gift is a dive into empathy and affection. It's about tuning into what makes the other person tick, what brings them joy. It's like being a detective of happiness. Whether it's choosing the perfect book for an avid young reader or crafting a paper mâché globe for a budding geographer, the act of picking out or creating something special is an exercise in understanding and love.

Then comes the preparation, the behind-the-scenes magic. There's an undeniable excitement in this phase, a mix of nervous energy and hopeful anticipation. As a teacher, I've helped little hands tie ribbons and write heartfelt messages, each step a building block in the tower of excitement.

And finally, the moment of giving – oh, what a moment! It's a burst of joy, an explosion of emotions. The smiles, the surprised gasps, the hugs – they're the rewards of the journey. In these moments, I've seen children (and adults alike) realize the power of thoughtfulness, the beauty of connection. This journey, with all its anticipation and excitement, is a profound reminder of how giving not only enhances the well-being of the receiver but equally elevates the giver’s spirit. It's a cycle of joy, reinforcing that in the act of giving, we receive so much more.

Feed Your Soul’s Philosophy on Gifting

Feed Your Soul isn’t just about baking delectable cookies and brownies; it’s a beacon of hope and joy in every box. When I learned about their ethos, it resonated deeply with me. Their business model is a heartwarming blend of indulgence and altruism, embodying the true spirit of gifting. Every purchase from Feed Your Soul does more than just satisfy a sweet tooth; it extends a helping hand to someone in need.

Since 2005, they’ve been partnering with organizations like the Coalition for the Homeless in New York City, Feeding America, and Boys and Girls Clubs. This commitment ensures that every cookie sold not only brings a smile to the buyer or recipient but also contributes to providing nutritious meals to those less fortunate. It's a cycle of giving that nourishes the body and soul.

Being a Certified B Corp, they stand at the forefront of responsible business, where every transaction is a step towards a more compassionate world. The philosophy here goes beyond mere transactions; it's about creating a community of giving, sharing, and caring. When you choose Feed Your Soul, you're not just picking out a treat; you're joining a movement that 

celebrates the joy of giving and the impact it can have. It’s a philosophy that aligns perfectly with the lessons of empathy and kindness I cherished as a teacher.

Encouraging Others to Gift 

In my teaching days, the unexpected tokens of appreciation from parents were heartwarming highlights. These moments weren't about grand gestures but the thoughtfulness behind them. It was incredibly fulfilling to receive a surprise gift, however small, as a token of gratitude for our dedication to their children's education. It’s this very essence of surprise and appreciation that I want to bring to the forefront for business leaders considering Feed Your Soul’s offerings. Imagine replicating that joy and sense of acknowledgment within your teams, not just during holidays but all year round. The Cookie of the Month club is a perfect, simple gesture to show your team that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. It's about nurturing a culture of appreciation, where each cookie symbolizes a thank you, a moment of shared joy, and a reminder that their efforts make a difference.


Gifting, as I've seen through my teaching years and with Feed Your Soul, is a journey of joy, connection, and care. It's not about the size of the gift, but the warmth it brings. Let’s keep spreading this happiness, making each small act of giving a part of our daily well-being.

I’d love to hear your stories of gifting! Try brightening someone’s day with Feed Your Soul’s treats and share your experiences with us. Join our community of givers at Feed Your Soul, where every cookie counts towards a happier, more connected world.

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